Just 6 kms away lies Lindos, an enigmatic melange of fun and history.


The ancient Acropolis is one of the must see's in Greece. You approach through the narrow village lanes and have the choice of a long steep climb in the heat or being taken up by a Lindos 'taxi', a donkey. No cars are allowed in the town.

The town has many restaurants and bars as well as night clubs which cater for all tastes. Most of the restaurants have roof top seating areas which are well worth a visit, especially at night.

Below the town on the sandy beach of Lindos bay, you can relax and enjoy the sun all day long or if you are the active type of person there are plenty of water sports, from water skiing, to banana riding, jet skiing and paragliding. In the evening, you can sample all the Greek specialties offered by the numerous tavernas that are lined up along the beach front.


The Acropolis


Lindian Street Scene